Dry cleaning of carpets

This service, like dry cleaning carpets is a separate kind of cleaning services and assumes some experience and the use of special techniques and compositions. At first glance, it seems that the cleansing of dirt carpet – a relatively simple process. However, once you try to do it yourself, it is clear that the implementation of this work – the process time-consuming and complicated. Each type of carpet involves the use of special cleaning methods, detergents and equipment. The wrong cleanser can be very damaging and coloring products and the pile.

Typically, dry cleaning of carpets is carried out in several stages. The first and second stages – the study of a specialist type of carpet, the degree of contamination and the choice of method of cleaning and detergents. Further, the employee of a cleaning company gets cleaning solution on the carpet and pulls using the extractor all the dirt and dust from the carpet. This procedure can be repeated several times, depending on the degree of contamination and to achieve the desired result. The next stage involves washing out detergent compositions of the carpet.

Qualitative and fast cleaning of carpets, made by experienced staff, will any carpeting in a presentable and excellent views.

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