Furniture cleaning

Furniture – an important part of interior. But in the daily use of the surface of sofas, armchairs, chairs are worn, grow roots parasites lose an attractive appearance. How to avoid it? Periodically dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning of furniture made by means of an environmentally friendly and safe for the health of water-based solutions. Our hypoallergenic cleaning products with a faint smell, which quickly disappears. Furniture can be used within an hour or two. We guarantee the preservation of the customer structure of materials and colors in the process of cleaning textiles. Spots of any complexity, animal odors and other unpleasant aesthetic pollution will be eliminated and your furniture will acquire original form as soon as possible. Contact the company “MAIN GROUP”, and we will do:

cleaning of furniture – sofas, armchairs, chairs – made from natural materials (leather, suede, nubuck);
furniture cleaning of leather and synthetic materials (leatherette).

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